Im only going to two have three sentences.

I wish i could help him, but im confused on how too.

I am so excited about where my life is heading and who it is headed there with.



So i just finished revising my practicum application and resume.  it was tough but i did it. I think it still needs some work, but that is why I’m meeting with my adviser today.

She had sad something about possibly going to this place in Muncie called Liberty Village to do my practicum. Although i really don’t want to work in a nursing home, This place looks really nice. It is a long-term care facility (aka nursing home). So i think i may go there or try this adult day care. But i think it will look better on my resume later to day i worked in a long term care facility since thats where a majority of the population that needs my help will be.

I cant wait to get out in the real world and get away from school. I mean i could be going back to get my masters in a year or two, but for right now i want to get away from school. I want to be an adult with bills and a place of my own and stresses of my own. I know I’m weird.

This weekend . . .

is going to be a blast! I just (litteraly 2 seconds ago) found out there will be enough tickets for Nick to go with me to the concert if he still wants to. Ok back to what im doing. Saturday my step mom, grandma, great aunt and aunt are coming down to watch my little sister play some softball games against my school. I am super excited becuase i rarely ever get a chance to watch my sister play. I made a way cute shirt for Bubba to wear to the game.

It says “GO WILD for Bethel  #21  Aunt Tara”   I love it, and he actually wears it. lol

Then i am heading towards home but making a pitstop in Fort wayne to visit with Nathan and Mandi. They have been alittle down and out about life becuase of the recent flood insurence scandal going on with their home (want more details head here). So they are planting a flower bed, that im sure my dog will tear apart.

Then it is home to the MISH!!!! Sunday morning, i will be heading to good ole GCC for some worship time with my friend PATTY POO!!! and his girlfriend Casey. This will be Nick’s first time at GCC, i hope he likes it.

AFTER church, is the second best part of the whole weekend (the first is my sister’s game and bubbs shirt) B100 14th ANNUAL BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!!!! i am going for the first time with My dad, stepmom, little sis, and little bro.

Updates later, i need to go get dressed and ready for the day.

Following in suit with my friend matt, im ending with a question.

What are you doing this weekend?